1. How do I order?

Simply email hello@gathergraze.co.uk with your desired requirements, date and location of the event and we'll be in touch. 

1. Do you cater weddings?


Yes! Our grazing tables are perfect for canapés or evening grazing. Please email hello@gathergraze.co.uk and we'll happily chat through options. 

2. Is there a minimum order?


Our minimum order for Grazing Tables is 15 ppl (subject to date and location). 

3. Do you cater to dietary requirements?

Of course. Just let us know your requirements and we'll make some delicious substitutions on the board. Please note, for nut allergies we cannot guarantee a nut free environment in our production kitchen.  

4. Do I have to include the floristry in the grazing table quote?

As part of the Grazing Table aesthetic, all quotes include floristry as we believe this completes the Gather And Graze look. If you would like a basic, no floristry option, please include this in your email and we will remove it from the quote. 

5. What does the Grazing Table sit on?

Grazing tables will need to sit on a flat surface either a kitchen work top or and large table. We usually recommend a 6ft table for wedding canapés and parties.